Red velvets plz

Why aren’t they anywhere atm, I was seriously hoping to see them in fac event rewards ? They should be in choice boxes instead of just icecreams or tokens.
Please give us some options for red velvets, roadmaps, raid milestones+ rewards… seriously :persevere:


Need more avenues to get velvet cakes for sure.

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At this point I’m just hoping they’re not going to take them out of the war rewards/milestones


Like most events they give u enough to all most get the reward.then rest u need you pay for thur coins or $$$. Been playing to long to learn that trick they do over and over

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@GR.Scopely, @JB.Scopely the collection aint over but the items are…


Annoying thing is that I have Bruce but not enough cakes to claim it


I have Bruce and harper and still short. Can’t even do a pull for cakes like it’s just stupid af


Too many different things needed for collections, what are they on now the 5th different cake? It’s fall wheres the pumpkin pie?

But yeah they need more steady and consistent ways to get all the collections, not just half of them.


Dont forget bloody cakes lol

I’m in the same position as you. Have both toons but not enough cakes to claim the collection and I’m unable to acquire them anywhere in the game at the moment. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely can you take this to the team please?

It’s payday so was gonna do a pull on the Harper wheel as only need 100 cakes. But the wheel has gone :unamused: guess scopley don’t want my money…

5pm pdt wheel with red Lydia and red velvet cakes

Thanks :slight_smile: not a dupe too so feel happier wasting my hard earned money.

I said this before the red velvets cakes, and their collection, are a way to encourage spenders and make their promo wheel pulls worth. Of course the f2p base will have a very small acess to them

I need 264 cakes to get the bullets I need to claim s class raulito :confused: red velvets are nowhere to be found sigh

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Even ptp can’t find red velvets atm

Prob will be up with the red lydia in 20 min

Shitty ■■■■■■■ raid rewards. Don’t want icecreams. Give us choice boxes with various options.

just want some red velvets. Even did a 10 pull :roll_eyes::persevere: shitty drop rates, won’t do any more.

Have the same problem short 45 red cakes to