Red velvet collections, hengyen?

Did you forget him ? I am waiting for that collection since a while to get the S class. But instead of that you give us duplicate ones like priya, zach, … ? Do you have a liste to release theses collections or it is juste a stupid (maybe less than you) monkey that selected random ones ?


Yeah, i vote for less

Right, because no one has access to jiafeng… :crazy_face:


They skipped Hengyen because Angel was going to de-value Aarav so they had to try get some more Aarav sales. Hengyen should be up next tho

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Also time to think to add more S-class items choices in those boxes we can get with red velvet cakes

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I compiled a list of all repromos/collections, in reverse chronological order. Base Stoons highlighted in bold.

  • Jiafeng, Zach
  • Priya, Wayland
  • Stevens, Elena
  • Aarav, Tye
  • C Scarr, Jiafeng
  • Raulito, Kyle
  • Pete, Lance
  • Ryan, Gov
  • Negan, Raven
  • Laopo, Zach
  • C. Scarr, Lydia
  • Wayland, Mia
  • Amber, Priya

(No guarantees that I didn’t miss a week though).

Priya to Laopo was three weeks, Laopo to Raulito 4 weeks but had a Pete in between (who only halfway fits the pattern, there was a collection but pulling does not help you get the Stoon). Raulito to Aarav was two weeks, Aarav to the second Priya repromo was two weeks as well. Looks like they’re doing one every other week now.

One problem: As Priya has shown, they’re willing to do second repromos of at least some base Stoons. Inserting another popular base Stoon sometimes, when repromos and new releases are on a 2-week pattern, means that the time difference between the original promo and the first repromo will only grow over time. This is bad for Scopely, because many toons will sell better closer to their release than much later - by then, those who really want them often will have picked them up through other means, or new developments might make them less appealing. This is why I think they might separate out first and second repromos soon, with the first repromo on a two-week pattern, and a second repromo on the off week, either in every week (if they’re doing second repromos for all of them) or in some weeks at least (if they only do popular ones).

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