Red Velvet Collection Compromise

How about each week or two have one of the collection toons be a f2p toon and always have the 2nd one be a premium? So spenders get that extra bump and the rest of get a taste at least.


See your problem here is your trying to use logic and common sense. Stop right there because scipley doesn’t possess either of them.

They do greedy and stupid. That’s it. :smirk:


Someone. PLEASE enlighten me, how is velvet cake a thing I need?
I have zero use for em. I am F2P.
Seriously, someone help me here. Why do I have all these useless velvet cakes??

Why do I bother. Gotta figure out how to tell my fac i don’t have time for this.
For once, kook was right. And he straight up TROLL.



My bad the gummy was kicking in. I was out or my mind.

Straight forward why giving ftp velvet cake that they will never use? Why not make velvet cake only drop from pulls?

You don’t know for sure you will never use them though. They put priya up on one of the missions and she was available to all so to say make them available only from pulls is moronic.

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No thank u , I am already down on red :cake:
So this will not help at all

I can’t wait for all the threads complaining about F2P not getting enough red velvet cake in three months or so.


Any leaks on the next cake collection?

Yes Laopo

It seems laopo & zach. This now is why I am hanging up my boots in this game most likely. 1500 velvet cakes & cant do anything with them, they may as well as take them from my musuem & give them to a whale in training so then they can complain about gear shortage with a dumb look on their face in wonderment how they are short on gear. While someone like me has tons of gear. I am done with the catering to whales & waiting & waiting.


Only f2p one was BAC bruce allen cooper since he was in war wheel.

I believe mercer as well. Thats been it though.

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1700 cakes and nothing to use it on.

Yet all I see is Pete and pyra.

Scopley sucking some spenders knobs.
Fk you scopley. Been stroking you favorites too long.

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Seriously, it was clear that Laopo would be coming soon. Why didn’t you get her?

It’s still not too late, btw. You have more than a week to max her; it’s a bit tight but definitely doable.

It’s still not enough to just have one freely obtainable toon. FtP and mid level spenders should have the opportunity to claim the choice box for having BOTH toons at least once in a while. It shouldn’t be too much to ask.


Thanks! I’ve got loapoo but only 5* t1 lv 1. Best get levelling…

Most people do not consider war wheel toons as directly F2P. Most F2P hardly pull on the war wheel and the odds of getting the good toons are so low.

Plus there have been a few other toons that have been in war wheels up in the velvet cake collections.

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I have 3000 cakes, I do not know what to do with it since I never have the characters at the museum … if only they ate themselves :thinking:

It would improve ur bucket and ur troll-rate