Red Velvet Collection #16 and 17 - [10/07]

Good morning everyone,

We have received multiple reports saying that the Red Velvet Collection #16 and 17 cannot be claimed by players.

  • The rewards can not be claimed and no error message is being displayed.

The team has been made aware of this and currently looking into it as we hope for a quick resolution.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while we work for a fix.



Could you maybe make these collections doable as a F2P player.

You didn’t start giving velvet cake away until we had Bruce and since then nothing.

My 6* V30 Cole would love for me to get 1100 cones shrug


This is hindering me on collecting pryia and doing lvl up. What’s the compensation for that?

My shiva force ezikiel will like it too plus more people have him not many people have cole


Probably a smack on the balls

Having no toons to use with red velvet cakes in the museum, this has to be one of the most unfair set of rewards ever as I know a lot are in the same position as me. Basically doing war for nothing. This reward is designed for players who pay for pulls


Yes is no secret there… Cake is for pullers the other rewards is for everyone.

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@GR.Scopely Im wondering if it has to do with Alice being a vet and its not registering. On the museum collection screen says I can claim but its also says 0/1.

please make it non premier toon for museum collection, as far as i know museum collection need premier toons to claim the rewards, please be fair scopely !!!


nothing of course, how long have you been here?

I claimed it 2 hours after it appeared, resolved for me

Yessss!!! I got enough cakes 2 days after he was out of the museum :frowning:

Keep fluffing those payers.


I wonder if the errors keep happening because they weren’t supposed to be velvet cake but a different cake, they been on a downward spiral maybe didn’t want yet another blowback from New collection item. They maybe just forgot to code the new reused cakes from whatever the new thing was.

Let’s do something right. Wow.

Holly, Bruce, Mercer, and holly have been f2p and ive used that to collect them. Also lvl ups, roadmaps, and stash have given out a plethora of cones and keys. Im not saying its balanced but there will always be a lower end and a higher end.

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Collection 18+ is also displaying as completed for me, although I have not completed the collection but would like to. @GR.Scopely

hey how about make a red velvet collection for us ftps

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