Red velvet cakes

Just curious on what the faction event rewards are going to be as I am 100 red velvet cakes short of claiming the Bruce collection and I am hoping there are going to be red velvet cakes as milestones.

Also I am wondering if the territories will make a comeback with the choice of red velvet cakes or chocolate cakes as I think I aren’t The only one with the same problem.


Still there should be a free to play one as you can’t really class Bruce Allen cooper as free to play as I got lucky on pulling him like many others from the war wheel

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I really want to see red velvets more. It’s actually probably the thing I’m hoping for most in game atm. (Alongside collectibles).

And trainers. Lots of trainers. Lol.


I’m not interested in red cakes myself, they’re just a stepping stone collectable to the main collectable. I hope they don’t start taking up prize space

Perfect solution is to keep offering items as choice boxes to cater to everyone’s diff needs. :crossed_fingers:


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