Red velvet cakes, what's it worth to have?

For what the fuck it serves to give and give velvet cakes, if most of the characters they put in museum to exchange them for tokens s class, they are premier characters that most people don’t have…


Those cakes are fcking useless, only whales make benefit of those collections, while the Free To Play community is more and more fcked up.


Well just wait and hope one of the free to play premiers come up as they have been put up before as well as it seems they r putting the sclass back in the wheels and to get one of the sclass or two by now for free is obtainable so they do have a purpose for f2p

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Absolutely agree.

These retards don’t understand they keep feeding the off-balance.

2k cakes and can’t use any.
If they want to introduce the characters into the 5 star wheel or something to the effect of that it might be more fair than currently only selling the characters.

One track minds of greed from scopley.

They ask only how it can make them more rather than trying to retain people.

Fkn joke.
Not worth warring for :cake:.

Have not seen it brought up or they suppress it so fast.
Either way it’s a kick to the crotch.

Don’t hold you breath reaper.
That’s the cog in the game where they want you to wait and lose patience and in a fit of desperation spend your money.

Well they had Bruce and mercer and priya up at one point as well as laopo If I’m not mistaken

Only if you spent.

Bruce Allen coopers
We’re the only ones that I recall that were anything for ftp.

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I got priya completely f2p and got the collection so not “ only if you spent”


If so sir you were one of the lucky ones.

I’m not throwing shade you way but if you got her as a ftp than congratulations.

They other 98% were not as fortunate.

I just got Pete as a ftp only.
I refuse to give scopley any money.

Just wondering if u can get Pete for free why not priya collecting the keys vs cones is the same


As well since they have shown they r willing to put f2p premiers back up in collections they can allways do it again for the other f2p premiers

The torches!

30 a day.
And every three events you might have enough to run the 130.

Yea u need torches for keys as well right

Yes sir.
The only other way is if you happen to of gotten lucky in a war and ended up getting a crate that was worth 20 blue keys or you got choice boxes at the end of any event available which typically ended up being 50 * 3-5 totaling ~2-400.
Then you also had the new missions which allowed 333.
So people waiting on the torches are having an extremely long period of time.

Well yes it doesn’t make me lucky tho putting in the work in war onslaught and the other events for collectables isn’t lucky

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War crates are chance. (Luck)

Effort only goes for the worth you value the prize in the end.

The :cake: are a chance for a boost.
But they choose to punish those who don’t spend.
Or worked for the chance of those specific characters.
Dr. Stevens-not ftp
Negan-not ftp
Raven-not ftp
Any of the new characters not ftp.

Are the targeted point.

Priya, Laopo, possibly Raolito/Hengyen in the future. If you used your daily collectible crates on another S-class, it doesn’t exclude future S-class characters from being obtained for free.

However the current :cake: way isn’t working.

Also, you only needed 4k to cash in on the Priya collection, as opposed to getting Pete for 11k.

At the time of the Priya collection, I had only about 2k cones that I picked up when I had to make a choice (e.g. Onslaught rewards that expire after 30 days, at some point you have to claim them or they get lost. When I realized that the cake would effectively give me a discount of over 25% on Priya, and turn some old choice boxes into one with a lot more options, I went for it.

Also, there were enough choco cakes available for free that you could easily cash in on Laopo even only in the time between the Priya and Laopo collections. If you had more than 900, it would have been positive for the collectible balance instead of just a discount on Laopo.

I’ve been F2P for a while, never had any of the promo toons in the cake collection (except BAC from the war wheel, when I didn’t have enough cakes), and I’ve cashed in on two collections so far and am pretty much out of cake. If you didn’t, it’s because you chose not to.

They have put raven back in the mix why not bring back Bruce Allen cooper or Zander