Red Velvet Cakes - Should I?

Already have Olivia, should I go for the cakes? What is the drop rate?

Dunno havent done pulls in so long :woman_shrugging:

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This is what’s wrong with the game forcing you to pull for trash old toons to get keys. Anything that’s not s class is trash.

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No. 7 characters

Why would you trade in Olivia for 1000 Ice Cream/Blue keys?

Olivia? Trash?

lol, you’re worse than that one Russian dude who made that tier list


You only have to trade the cakes in

Oh shit yeah

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Trading faux digital currency for faux digital items to exchange for more faux digtal trade-ins? All while not retaining actual ownership of any of it? Seems legit.


Another p2p event ohh the joys that gap closes everyday the more people quit this shower of shatt. But they threw f2p a bone hahahaha games fucked.

Pulling for Olivia when you already have her is trash, just for keys.

No, with s class toons coming out every 2 weeks don’t bother.

No assuming you don’t have Sherry too just wait to pull for her I imagine she’ll have cakes too

I might, I don’t have Sherry but she sucks.

if this question is should you stop making silly posts to try for a status here then the answer is a yes


I’m not trying for a status, I wanted to see what cake amounts were dropping.

I know someone who did two bigs and got 1600 cakes

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Also, I know someone irl with the last name Nichols, so your name reminds me of him.

Id say no, better options to buy this junk will come. If it was for a full 5 star of the s class possible then maybe

She does but in that scenario maybe you get the cakes and Sherry so you can claim the bigger collection?

No clue what the cake drops are like so might be a big stretch

Edit: Pulled 19 cakes on a single in one of my alts if that helps at all