Red velvet cakes next toon

Any idea who next velvet collection toons are gonna be after Doc & Elena?

According to VK:
Red Velvet Cake 56 - 500 cakes and 6* Priya
Red Velvet Cake 57 - 250 cakes and S Class Priya
Red Velvet Cake 58 - 500 cakes and Wayland


Is there an easy way to get red velvet cakes? I got lucky and had both doc and elena for this weeks collections and I also already have both priya and wayland but not more cake!

Territories is scheduled for next week, and there has been cake as the final reward the last times. If they keep this and your faction can hold some of these territories, that’s the easiest way. Other than that, 200 from war milestones, and random amounts when pulling on certain wheels, that’s it. (Sometimes events too, but the last was Halloween I think)

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War and POSSIBLY territories

Would think being s class toon you would get more then 1.1k items

Nope! You still get 1.1k, but for a reduced price. 250 cakes, instead of 500.

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