Red velvet cakes? Drop rate?

What the pull rate of these? Has it been fixed since the MIA wheel.

I need 575 for the 3200 box. If i go for that what kinda investment am I looking at?

50 pulls at a guess

I need 100 and im scared to do 40pull :joy:
But Maybe I’ll try in harper wheel after bruce

I got 100 in a 10 pull, you shouldn’t need to do as many as 40

Im in very old rusty bucket but yeah I’ll try 10 10… till i get 100 :+1:

or do singles

between 500-600 on a 40 now

6 single pulls, 0 cakes

4 single pulls. One drop of 3 cakes.


Did three more single pulls and got two cake drops, one of 2 cakes and one of 41. That was enough to complete the collection for me.

So I did 2x10 in harper wheel.
In first: only 40 cakes + 5* red decap abraham
In second: 89 cakes + 5* blue decap Ivanova

But at least got 1,1k cones for priya and now only 400 more

Rvc drop rate is like .0000000000000000001 per k

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