Red Velvet cakes and how you (Scopely) can make more money

Firstly I’ll state that this won’t affect me as I am off pulls until I see a massive improvement in the game on Scopely’s end. So I have no ulterior motive here.

Looking at red velvet cakes and 6star promos, you seem to have got the logic and timing all mixed up. If somebody already has the toons but doesn’t have the red velvet cakes, all they can do is pull on the wheel of a toon they already have to get those red velvet cakes, and whilst some might, many will not.
This is because you run the red velvet bonus collection at exactly the same time as the toons that unlock it. Common sense and logic would dictate that you would do better and earn more by staggering it.
For example, say week 10 is Gov and Raven in the wheel, then the collection return for these toons should be week 11, and week 11 wheel could be say Doc and Mia. This means that players who have the toons in week 11 but not the velvet cakes, would be more willing to pull on a wheel of characters they don’t have to get the velvet cakes they need. Players who have Gov already, won’t be as likely pull on a Gov wheel to get the velvet cakes they need for the collection return.
Something to mull over maybe. Think it would be win-win all round.

Albeit currently there is also the Sheldon wheel to pull on, but that is not always the case. And nobody wants Sheldon anyway.


They should use toons that we already have. They should do one with the gov from pathaways.


Absolutely 100% agree that they should do one with multiple toons that most players have. But… they’re Scopely.


I had bruce but my slow ass didnt get him to lvl 90 in time.

I had both Holly and Bruce, but not enough velvet cakes to use them both in the museum. :expressionless:

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The method I mentioned above would have given you an extra week to level him

You are a prime example then of how the current system doesn’t benefit either the players or Scopely

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I have over 2000 pieces of cake but I haven’t had any of the toons they’ve put in there yet


You’ll be sorted when your toons come through then :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope so because I only need a few more blue keys and that would help alot

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They should do war toons. Like toons we already got. Instead of premier toons

Same for me, I am about to open a bakery and start selling all this cake.

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I’m in a crafting bucket so I have 0% chance of ever getting a premier toon. My roster is 99% free to play toons. It’d be 100% but I bought green Carl for $5 over a year ago. Maybe they should put him in there and we can all say Carl to the museum again lol!

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2500 red velvet cakes. not been able to cash them in for 2 or 3 weeks.

All these collections are doing is helping the super whales get stronger. anyone else your cakes are wasted.

i spose you cant have your cake and eat it with scopley lol

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Unless you a whale

You make so many of these weird posts and they never happen… why keep flooding the forums?

Practicality logic could dictate that they use more common sense however it seems like they are still baiting the spenders to giving them more op earnings for spending and punishing non spenders. but :man_shrugging:t5: Scopley won’t fix it they just rig it to their favor.

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scopely logic is about as good as a three year olds logic. I know i will catch flak for that comment from parents who’s three year old is smarter than scopely sorry in advance.

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yup what they should do is a standard collection where say you get 900 collection items just for trading in cakes.

1100 for trading in cakes and having the 1 toon. then the 3k fo having 2 toons.

its worthwhile for everyone then, at the moment i wanna pull for zach but i wont cos if i get more cakes and no zach its useless

You would then have to max him out before being able to collect, which shouldn’t take much but some are low on gear and trainers as the drought continues on both of those fronts.