Red velvet cake collections

Will there be one for payback negan? Slow gov?

Will there be one for free to play like Eric or camila?


Why? Every single collection has been followed with a promo. Why would people spend on a promo for a widely available legacy ascendable or a toon who was in the last league store?

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How about a dale people might even pull for him.

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No because they would make $0 from customers.

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Cause people have them who are f2p and have red velvet cakes. Nothing else to use them on.

The gap widens and this is the exact reason why no one put this forward for free to play everyone should be able to use the cakes yet I am stuck with almost 2k of them with no use for them


Also it would be massively beneficial for not just free to play but everyone

the only thing it wouldn’t be massively beneficial for would be Scopely’s bank account
(which was my original point)

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These are good questions, it’s looking unlikey as we are rotating around to Mia again along with Elena/Roadie soon. Any chance you can confirm this @GR.Scopely for these fine people?

How about some ones with OG 6* First releases

(Yellow negan, wyatt and some others)

(Since I got a 39/42 on my test Im gonna check vk for leaks.)

It would have to be ones that might have the off chance to make money…

If they make a F2P then their not gonna make money.

Predictions of a new P2P
The first payback toon, Ryan, Jiafeng, Elena,

Other s class recruits wangfa, pete (This was rare to get) henguyen, raulito.

Only good one I missed was bruce. Now I check vk so I can have time before the collection starts.

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