Red Velvet Cake Box - Which items should I pick?

I spent 5 dollars to get enough cakes for the Bruce Allen Cooper exchange. Which character items should I pick though?
With my war choice crates and this box I should be really close to Laopo, but I’m thinking of investing torwards Raulito. So who should i pick?

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You got it right; invest towards Raulito. You have a year to grind the museum rewards and there will likely be a bullets roadmap shortly.


Pyria christa all I will say no problems killing teams…I think you went the green guy though. Too bad

Depends who you’d personally have more of a use for

I went Priya first probably Raulito next

Depends what team you will have to put behind them but always go for attack imo so either Priya or Raulito. Daze on Priya can really shut down those turn 1 active skills and Raulito is just a bleed monster, great with Rick and Jiafeng behind him. Personally i will be skipping Raulito and will go for Priya, i like the control she has

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I’m surprised you gave these turds $5


I am of laopo then priya

You can also let the box stick in your inventory for a while and decide later when you have enough boxes for an entire toon. No rush opening the stuff.

As long as you claim the museum collection now, that can expire.

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