Red Velvet Cake 25, 26, and 26+ should be

The next collection for red velvet cakes should be for Green decap Chris and Blue Christmas Ezekiel.


Totally agree.

Maybe another one for Michonne

Old promos like Mercer and Holly had their own collections, Chris would be very possible as well.

If they do this, they will make sure that Chris and Ezikiel are on different weeks, just to troll us and make sure players can’t claim the 3200 collectables, only the 1100.

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I’m out of high end gear thou☹️

I’m sitting on 40 legendary gear choice boxes, want one?

How about all the useless legacy toons they made

No same here it’s the sat navs that have disappeared from milestones and obs levelling S-class has killed me, down to 250k in league tokens to :frowning:

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