Red Velvet # 49 and # 50 Choice Box - No Wangfa + Daiyu Collectibles

Dear PC/@GR.Scopely ,

Would there be a Wangfa and Daiyu cards collectible for the red velvet cakes museum? Just surprised it’s not included there…

Also what’s up with recurring premier toons appearing for the wheel? This is Cameron’s 2nd time - and his previous was just last month (Nov 11).

Could have made it Hengyen instead you know…


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If the pattern stays the same, Hengyen will be the next Sclass collectable up for red velvet collections.

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would love if they all could also update the Torches roadmap? It stopped at Guo too… @GR.Scopely

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They are too busy pumping out the next insane op toon to sell

I had Cameron. But I am keeping my Red velvet cakes .
I am really short. Enough only for 2 .
And I need no S class in that choice box . I was going to make a thread about this . So thank you for saving me time

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you’re welcome!

Wangfa is in there

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