Red velvet 18+ collection

I saw the toons Alice and Elena and was excited about finally getting the crate. Had alice and was gonna pull for Elena… and i realised that both Alice & Elena had to be promoted max… to claim the collection…

What in the flying f@*% seriously some BS crap… but thankfully i did not waste money pulling for elena…

Not promoted. Just 6* tier 4 level 90. No veteran rings needed in the past. But I think there is an issue with those collections. There are several posts on the forums with people complaining about bugs and an official post From Scopely addressing 1 issue

They’ve always had to be ascended and maxed level. Nothing new here.


If you see my 1st pic… i have her maxed and i was going to pull for elena. getting a toon to T4 maxed is not a problem for most.

You also need enough cakes to get all 3 so uhhhh good luck :joy::joy::joy:

JUST REALIZED SOMETHING. Do they take the characters toon for the collection? Or just the cakes.

Just the cake. The red exclamation mark means it’s consumed. The cakes are consumed, the toons are not.

They take the toons don’t collect whatever you do :grimacing:

Title toats didn’t make me think this was a pron collection

L2eapel said they take toons. Do they or not? (Sorry just need clarify)

They’re both good toons so to have them and not max them is stupid.

No it does not

Red Exclamation point means it will be consumed. If anyone told you otherwise they arent paying attention. When you get an s class it does also consume the toons and collectables.


Elena is useless.

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i am not most

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