Red stun. Why can't I get any please help!

I’ve tryed over 100 times…yes I’ve been counting…all have failed yet others have all Red teams with 5 stun guns.what am I doing wrong? All 100 was eith 30 percent crit


I have only two and the truth I tell you that it is very difficult to leave but in some weapons there is more chance of success than in others. Revolver violent Defensive Desert Eagle Sub rifle special operations, etc When it has left me is when I had 30% of critical of the territories and failing the first attempt, advice: put a weapon of different color in an arsenal and in the second one of the weapons mentioned with the critic and with polishing kits Good luck and may the force be with you.

Give up hope and lower your expectations.

Once that happens you’ll get it. Worked for me with my specials.


Pretty sure the game gave me all your successes :wink:

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me to i have 3 red and 2 green

Some just have bad luck. Like me. I have 0 stun (green or red), 0 impair and 0 ab def weapons. I am level 109 and I’ve been playing for a while too. I feel your pain!.. keep surviving! Lol I’m about to shove that line down someone’s throat!

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I actually gave up trying for weapons of any sort, went the entirety of 100 -125 without landing a thing

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I wish they’d make it so that each time a special weapon craft starts it lowers the chance of what was successful and raises the chance of the other possibilities for the next craft.


Red stun all I manage to craft. 5 red stun in under 10 attempts yet things like strong stun or ap down have taken me 30+ for 1 success

Ok so what you need to do is… When you start the craft spin around 360 degrees 3 times while chanting this prayer to rngesus: “Oh rngesus please bless me with a bounty of stun, thank you amen”. Works 60% of the time, every time.


I agree with you completely, there needs to be a catch 22 in armoury, im on over 120 tries for a stun gun over 3 regions and never had one its a joke ,yet theirs a guy in my current region prestige 10 barely plays and has 5 of them and pretty much any other weapon he wants


To be honest my friend, it took me 21 try to get 2 stun guns for reds… bit for example 24 for 4 abso def weapons… 13 and counting for ap down (got zero) 16 and counting for double attack (got zero) 20 for impair and have one, 6 for green stun (got one) and 6 more for impair when attacking which resulted me in no impairs for atk… the area where i might have been most successful is ap boost to all members. Got 2 of those out of 3 tries.

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try getting crit with 15% success and 30% crit…i got 2 green stun in 5 days…i have now 4 red stun 4 impair 2 abs def 2 green stun 2 ap down…but dont blame me…hehhe

I agree with what others are saying use the crappiest worthless weapon and it’ll probably work, it’s what I did after hundreds of fails, finally got 3.
Now I’m back to logging in collecting failed attempts.

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Across 3 regions I only have 1 red stun and it’s a 2* one lol

scopes actually threw you a bone a couple days ago. you coulda gotten a freshly minted stun gun for a 100 bones. :smirk:

Had this offer personally only on one of my three regions and i wouldn’t buy it anyway. My first weapon 20 month ago was a stun gun.
I also wouldn’t play a only red or green stun team on def to easy to kill.

some peeps love the all red and all green setups. still see a bunch of defends with those in crw. as for the stun gun offer, personally i didnt need to as i have a full mass of trait weapons for whatever setup im running, but these offers is for the ones who want the quick and easy, and why shouldnt scopes capitalize on that? they already have a demographic that would pay for that on a whim.

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