Red stun on defense vs green stun on attack

Which one of these wins out when they verse each other? It seems to me that when I attack with reds that hold stun guns, they consistently get stunned by green stun on attack by the defense. Meanwhile the defense, never gets stunned. Does anyone else notice this pattern?

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1000 percent of the time my red toons end up way more stunned then the enemy team. Its impressive to say the least especially when the are loaded with gold resist mods. 35 percent change to trigger against a 60 plus resist mod. Odds should be totally against it

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About 50/50 for me I find it funny so don’t let it bother me :grinning:

if ur a whale everything works
if ur f2p u end up stunned lol

I remember using a team of blues against stun erika, my whole team got stunned first round hehehe

Why on earth are you attacking red defences with greens?

Other way around. I’m attacking green defenses with reds. When it’s the defense turn to act, they constantly stun my red toons with their stun on attack over my red stun guns. At least 90/10 for me.


When I attack reds with greens I always lose
Because of trait advantage and because I don’t have any stun recover AS on my greens

its the scopelys way… the defending teams weapons specials proc way more then yours. its a way to make you spend more to make your team better.

Ah my bad sorry. Just RNG for you, sometimes I’ll stun perfectly and other times I’ll get completely shafted and ap drained.

Happens all the time unfortunately. Makes you want to throw your phone across the room lol :joy:

I swear this weekend felt like ever resist mod was 100%. One match Jesus resisted my stun 10x in a row no joke . Was ridiculous lol. It gets frustrating when it seems rng isn’t on your side at all. The rng now is literally in every hit X2 most the time. Will your stun hit and will they resist, will your neutralize that’s always been amazing now he resisted. Yes it makes battles more interesting as a complete f2p basic team could have all the luck and take ur premiers down however it’s gotten more frustrating for me latley.

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