Red rosita with dual smgs is she good whats your thoughts

is she? or is she not

She’s lovely when paired with a good leader skill and a defense buffer. The Attack Decreace from her weapons can turn the tides if you know when to use it, since you’ll probably need her Neutralize to stop someone from Adrenaline Rushing.

So yeah, I say you should keep her. She can be useful on Survival Road as well as some Raids.

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Yep she’s pretty good if u need reds

I got screwed by a red team with her on it during war. her and gov kept neutralizing me, and stun on mirabel, before I knew it half my team was gone, and doing little damage.

It may never happen again, and rng was definitely not on my side, but it surprised me how effective it was, especially since I typically mince Mirabell teams.

I have her and am still leveling her, but I might try her out sometime.

I have a horrible ranged team so who knows.

In my opinion she‘s one of the few 5* still worth using.

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