Red quills...chars

Umm what are red quills used for ? I won 1 from arena but only seeing collections for orange quills

To open the roadmaps

Hmm so i figure the rest of letters i dont have are gonna be from roadmaps?

So far all have dropped from arenas

Assuming the letter roadmap ever pops up. All I’ve seen are A, B and G

@chase To answer your question, Red quills will be used to open Premium Letter Roadmaps.


Do we have anything else than A,B,G ?

Like N, S, ?

Hey GR, any chance of a schedule for these maps?

All i have seen are A, B, G and X and (perhaps co-incidentally) those are none of the letters anyone seems to need. Plus they are four hours long so easy to miss if you aren’t glued to your phone all day and all night.

The more sceptical might find it kinda shady to be selling quills for a map where we have no idea when, or even if, there will be a map for the particular letters we need :thinking:

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