Red Quills. Are they a Scam?

Another premium map just popped up, another letter “B” on offer for the modest price of about £5. Or 6 for £24.

But if course, if you read the countless posts here, people aren’t missing “B” or even “A”, the other active premium map on frequent cycle of even “G” which has also featured regularly.

If the current cycle doesn’t include all of the letters that everyone needs, it raises the very key point that players are purchasing red Quills they do not need, and cannot use. This is surely borderline scam territory.

Add to the fact that maps are 4 hours long, meaning any sporadic letters could easily be missed by swathes of the world’s population And that there is really no rhyme or reason to the “schedule” I think it is clear these are a scam.

Do no purchase until we get a schedule of maps which properly inform the purchases.


Chase that refresh baby :sunglasses:


the roadmaps also give orange quills not just letters

Add it to the pile!


Since when?

yesterdays map…if you haven’t seen the map rotation how can you comment on them?

5$ a letter. Dude out relevant letters 0_o

Im missing a. Im part of people.

This is my point. I checked the maps when I was able. And that was pretty often between 6am and 10pm UK time. I wouldn’t have missed a single map not up for at least 2 hours. So if you’re saying there was an orange quill map that we missed it just proves wha a scam it is

there was a map that gave an orange quill last night, about 15 hours ago.

I didnt see this either. Did it require anything special to open it

I didn’t notice any roadmap as 15hrs ago for me would be 3am and I was counting sheep. If it was only up for 2hrs, that is BS.

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Never seen that either. I only saw roadmaps with Basil as reward for each stage…

I did a roadmap last night that gave an orange quill and I used that to select the letter I needed. It required 1 red quill to open.

I didn’t see it either. Man, I’m really trying to appreciate the game. I hate missing out and I be on here daily… I just can’t catch a break here.

Haven’t you realized by now that Euros don’t matter to Scopely? And tbh I don’t think that the community cares much either (except when it’s “night shift”) because everytime we ask for alternating event start/end tournament times US people don’t really like it.


Presuming the ‘???’ map which gives orange quills pops up every 24 hours then it should be back in around 4-5 hours from now.

Grabbed it while i could yesterday so I can choose whichever letter i end up short.

Sweet. Can’t wait to sleep through it again tonight


Probably will show after this one ends in 6h15min. 2-4am in Europe :man_facepalming: