Red Plastic Piece Easter Egg!


These pieces are broken world cans, great little detail Scopely :slight_smile:


Maybe when we have amassed so many but not enough to turn them in for weapons they will let us redeem them for world cans.


That would be awesome


I didnt even notice that. Good eyes there.


Or maybe its that your going to have to smash in all your world cans and then some to conplete the collection😨


Oh yeah if you look closer you can see part of the world symbol on the piece! Well spotted :slight_smile:


Nope, all unused pieces and tokens will be converted in SD points. :joy:


Hopefully at the rate they were last event…butnim not holding my breath.


Anyone know the conversion rate yet? Wish I had noticed the conversion for the last event.


World cans would be awesome.


World can suck would be good but somehow I doubt it :frowning:


20 sd for 1/token… got 15000/sd for 750 tokens i got for free just doing an event.


They still might add a museum mission in the last days you can exchange let’s say 2000 or so for a world energy can.


I got those too. It was awesome.


I posted this plastic piece reuse idea in another thread:

What to Do with thousands of these Plastic Pieces