Red negan... go away

Red Negan is such a joke… who is the idiot who created this character?? if you attak with him , bot take payback and lose three characters… if you make an adrenaline rush on another character you touch negan and lose three characters . Why being so stupid with creating such a dumb character?

Red negan... go away

Ya, he was designed by an assclown for people who are keeping the lights on at Scopely to get easy defends


be smarter in your play


Piss poor design.

Elle was a much smarter limited design that adds complixity to the battle.

Imo, Pay back is just a lazy design.
Type of shit you do when your out of ideas.


Yes be smarter against a damn character with almost 3000 of 1 stat. No, this character should never have been made.


Agreed, my stunned command toon should be able to command still but not attack according to this logic. :thinking:

To players: Garbage toon designed by a lazy-ass person

To Scopely: Celebrated toon designed by an employee who got a bonus+raise and employee of month


Payback should only work if the payback character is targeted or the only toon on the field.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used Tobin’s rush basically for it to be a suicide button because him and my other 2 toons die


U guys forgot abt bide? Slowly knock off ur team 1 buy one

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It is actually a clever design to completely throw over the attack team meta by curbing the high damage AoE rushes. (Best example Amber)
The way they did it is just fucked up. Its more about limited damage and controlled rushes nowadays.


neganis not problem mia is bitch imo specially if there are multiple of her in def.

Red Negan - Duane minus 75% Def - Blue Tobin - killed with no payback

Mia - Taunt - Kill - no outlast

2 Mias - Taunt - decap - no outlast - cant be revived

Pretty easy for me

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Negan and Elle would be much easier to deal with if we could direct attacks as opposed to it being RNG like almost everything else In this game

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But you still have him, don’t you. :wink:

Elle is so much worse than negan. Negan is just a stall toon. If your setting off his payback, it’s cause your brining in the wrong toons.

Elle is a nightmare. Bide is way too OP.


Agreed. I still haven’t found a clean way around Bide though I am working on something. I don’t find Negan to be a problem. Even with Docs and Zachs and Mia’s oh my! Wayland is a bit trickier because of his lower HP meaning less damage is needed to set Payback off and his burn on defense is a pain

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Negans 1 weakness is taken away by new Waylands sword. Wayland is so much worse.
Payback is bollocks.

No idea why that replied to you @Rickygrimes btw that was to the OP

You can disarm it. Again, payback is more annoying than OP. Just takes longer. I’ve had four toons against just an elle and lost.

Not fought Elle yet so haven’t experienced that yet. She looks pretty damn OP too.

both red negan and mia are easy, the real assholes are raven and zach !!! :pleading_face: