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This toon is easily controlled with stun confuse and taunt. While impaired, she will still revive which is annoying but no more annoying than Mack, sandy, violet. Her rush is 76 AP so nothing too bad. Stats aren’t crazy. So I can finally give the thumbs up on a well designed toon that does not disrupt the game.

Now, do the right thing scopely and release legacy attack toons for f2p.

A big fat whale

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Long time no talk Pablo. How have you been?

You also just provided the reason why no one would take my challenge. It’s no fun. I’m not saying someone can’t grind their way and get close to the top. It’s what I have done over the last several years and right now I can 100% it’s no longer fun.

I’m saying there is no way in hell a top whale player could get back to EXACTLY where they are now without spending real money and without the help of friends. The current lack of gear, almost zero access to Lillith, or decent rewards, in general, let alone no way to get any toons barring a miracle pull would cripple anyone just starting out right now.

so you say you hate whales but then you say you do not hate them so this is confusing and i do not say personal attacks at players maybe some fun jokes with veni and if that is seen as a attack then i will stop but never angry attacks calling names and saying lies this is nonsense and i am here to learn of news for the game and see what other players do with combinations and i find the game to be fun for me and you are always seeming angry and making fun of any player that does not agree with you and i find that strange that some one will let a game and game forum make them so upset i really do not understand



i will not have a fight over this with you that will be nonsense

I’m not fighting with you as I could care less. Your the one who keeps engaging me. Run along now as I’m sure there are other people you can reply to and tell them what they should think, how they should feel, and that they should only have the opinion that everything is just fine and dandy here in scipleyland.

I’m am curious about one thing though. Are you @lockedaway because you remind me of him.


Been good, thanks. And we talked not long ago about the AI, I think.

My point was not the lack of fun, though. It wasn’t fun for me, because I had my main that could beat these teams easier and faster and more reliably. It was fun to make a good team out of free scraps, though. That part had me rolling, actually. Beating p13 defenses with a p9-10 attack team? You can’t buy that kind of satisfaction.

My point was that adaptation can be done, but only when sufficient tools are given freely. They used to be, through events, tokens, rewards, etc. The free scraps I mentioned.

I haven’t really seen any scraps given lately…


False. @IronandWine is like me, calls it what it is, is blunt, isnt here to sugar coat anything or brown nose. He is a long time player who is fed up with bad choices being done to a game they love. TWD RTS is my game! And damnit i will fight for it to be better, this whole psy op, fake accounts that pop up saying stop complaining will not break my stride, everyone sees thru those also. It’s getting annoying, much more annoying than someone complaining, which I’ve told people before they are just complaining to complain and that’s silly but you people who sit down and get walked on all while preaching we should all smile when being spit in our face is a joke. No ifs, ands or buts about it. That is how some want to live their life, by all means. Maybe being a marine taught me to never sit down, idk but you all can stop now as you arnt fooling anyone and you are failing at doing damage control. Now i know your kook account is for trolling, you can say what you want, i know already dude lol but it is beyond funny that this may be something that affects the whales and now its boo hoo poor me, the world must stop? Pathetic. Adapt your toolkit whales and stop complaining. Scopely is good, scopely is great, scopely can do no wrong, there you go, it is easy to lie and bs but continue to sweep things under the rug, soon their will be no rug to cover things and then it will be too late. Scopely might walk away with lots of money but their reputation is ruined and it is of their own doing.


A legacy toon that would be great would be Javier. He was free a long time ago, and free players still need a good green attack leader

Make his active a t2 copy of his rush so the shield strategy can still be used, and make his rush something else. Taunt seems popular. One big hit, and a taunt to 1-2 toons.

I’d use him.

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Very true. I always laugh when I get a few wins with all 5 standing against someone who spends tens of thousands. It will never not be fun. :laughing:

I think your right about that. If I remember correctly you didn’t think it was awful but I think It’s still broken in my opinion as being forced to bring along a human shield just to keep your glass cannon attacking toons alive makes for a very poor AI and certainly does not make it more challenging when just using a human shield takes care of the dogpiling issue.

I know and that’s my point as well. Lack of any ascendable and events where everyone can work towards a decent toon is killing the game from a purely motivational standpoint. What is the point to all this time and energy wasted when we get nothing but a constant barrage of new op premieres in return.

There are scraps in the level up but at such small amounts, it’s not worth wasting resources on. Just like most events as of late.


They don’t want to close the gap. Some of the trolly ones on here even want the f2p to disappear. Though i really don’t think they would like it if it happened.


ok but how is that relevant to what i said

Green Abe is crying.

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Green abe is better as a sr leader,he sucks as anything else

Tell that to my raid team that has a 95% win rate even against the paid teams. I have a maxed out Camilla and I still use him because his crit bonus helps secure the Disarm/Guardian procs, allowing for a higher chance of success.


Okay,Maybe he works for you,but for everyone else he sits on the bench for sr.

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Doesn’t that ultimately depend on the player not utilizing them properly? Disarm might be the mechanic that most players didn’t have, but Bruce was also given away for free in a past event so…

For like 5% of players

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