Red Madison worth it?

I have madison and can ascend her but is she worth it? Being gear, lilth and ulysess locked now is making the game really hard and cant just ascend anyone and max them, have to be careful. No, i dont have alice and unless she is put into some kinda wheel for me to get for free, i wont be getting her, not spending hundreds for a chance at some pixels.

So is madison still good to ascend and max and use for killing melee teams? I will put alpha, bruce, lori or viktor (thinking viktor for stun katana) and still thinking of the last spot.

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If you’re talking about red Madison, she’s worth the ascendance. Great counter-melee leader.


Red Madison is still great, I was using her for my anti melee for months until grabbing Alice recently


Yes red madison, she still hits melee hard? Wish she had huge bonus ap tho :sob:

I personally never liked red Madison… as she won’t charge the 76ar toons without manipulation. But that’s just my opinion. Just found it easier to use Andrea.

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Dont have andrea, i do have tara but shes only for reds but i wouldnt wanna bring blues into a melee team to be hit by yellows anyways. With madison i can build a nice green and red team. I do also have command glenn i can use to command a toon to rush and buff the team. Whats large bonus give for ap? Is it 5?

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Tara is miles ahead or Madison… huge ap, def down and heal reduction. Sure she can only use red but reds are some of the best hitters.

So what, Tara lead, lori, bruce, alpha and another red, maybe gov?

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Sounds like you don’t have Hershel… to me, the best attack right now outside of the Alice/Diego is Tara and Hershel

No hershel either lol

Guess i will save and wait for douglas

Madison is great imo. Can run her with really anyone because of rainbow lead skill. Why have to pick between her and Tara when you can run Tara behind Madison lead (more versatile lead skill)

Because Madison needs to bring an 8percent yellow to charge the 76 ap toons. You don’t want your at firing turn four. Too late, the bonus ho toons already went off.


Im use tara zake sr sandy decp brous mirabelle not bad vs meele team

I think She’s worth since her bonus goes to everyone but against melee except the huge bonus while attacking.

So with Tara, lori, gov, bruce and alpha, all can rush turn 3 except alpha will rush turn 4. Alpha and bruce wont get 40% attack or bonus ap

With madison all can rush turn 4 and get 40% attack bonus.

I do like taras rush a lot more, all will have huge bonus when attacking weapons also.

My team would be alpha and bruce, my only disarm and decap. Lori or viktor, lori gives attack boost and defense boost to 3, viktor can hold stun katana but that would take his ap to very large instead of huge but still rushing turn 4. The last toon is what i would play with, gov, kal for his gaurdian and taunt, zeke to heal and boost hp, glenn to command and buff the team, another alpha for decap, bryan for coll 2, dante to heal and revive, i have a few options for the 5th spot.

Also as i have no lead besides tara with huge bonus i am used to rushing turn 4 just fyi

Yea she’s worth it… Madison, Bruce, Jeremiah, alpha and heath. Been wiping top melee teams with ease (if I don’t get more than 1 stunned)

Won’t the toons with 76AP fire on turn 3 without the yellow 8% weapon?

20 (basic attack) + 10 (Huge AP on weapon) + 8 (Very Large from Madison) = 38

So it takes 2 turns to get the AR and then fire on turn 3. Am I missing something?

Her ap boost is only large… so they get 7. They end up with 74 after 2 turns. But, 80% of the time my alpha takes a hit from the enemy so he’s ready to go turn 3.

Gotcha thanks! I always thought it was Very Large. This is what happens when the teachers don’t get paid enough.