Red Kites. Where are they?

Where are the red kites. I have the toons and zero kites.


Pretty sure i saw JB say they had no plans to do any more ways to get these

Then they should remove both then…

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Same here…would be nice if they actually gave us a chance to finish a collection they’re keeping up forever instead of ‘needed tob buy em in first weeks he was released’

Cash grab that went bad.
Now they dumped it for s class.

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I like how when they do have a rm for red flags its almost impossible for a normal player to beat 2 s10++ teams stages its so much bull


They have a red flag rm right now and I don’t think I ever beat the final stage

Its red flags. I need red kites


Was thinking this myself, where are the red kites @GR.Scopely???

Defo I can’t finish it, pisses me right off☹️

Red Flags at Night !!

sailor take flight

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Carley lead, blade hand Rick, Charlie, Michelle, and a damage dealer (fast Shiva, Marlon, or even Naya) usually does the trick, even with a mediocre faction ally (RTP Rick or even Gator)

Let’s hope the next dual specialist is better than the last one. I’d already forgotten because they were so terrible lol

Same boat here, have both toons needed but no kites.

Yes need kites plz!!

@LadyGeek @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely I’m not one to tag (sorry) but some form of communication please would be great.

Who cares? Axel is mediocre.

Your asking for kites bit they will just sell that bag again for 10k coins so hope you got some saved @Ivareen2.0

I don’t have any more information than you do, sorry.

Although, I’m sure I’ve heard the opposite than what @CrazySausage said - red kites are sure to be returning.