Red Kites Roadmap

Thank you for adding this roadmap. Please keep running it every 2-3 days. @JB.Scopely


I need blue flags to :hugs:

Yes thanks! And please do make it regular…

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Also, please increase difficulty. 2 waves of 4 zombies doesn’t qualify as challenging on any level


How often is the red kite map going to run?

@GR.Scopely @TayTron @JB.Scopely

Yep. I was disappointed with how easy it was. Expected to be very tough.

I got the grand total of 0 kites.


I’m not saying for them to go all Nightmare mode on us, but maybe like elite/legendary SR type would be alright

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Same. Got 1x 500 and 2x 250 Elite items. :unamused:

Got 2 kites here but definitely can see how a good amount of people are going to get shafted by RNG…only thing that would make it ok would be having a regular schedule to run the map…every week? 2 weeks?


Up the percentage of flags.

All three pulls were useless tokens.

Been waiting along time and you finally put it out with undisclosed odds for the kites.

How long to wait after this for another disappointing let down your company provides at a “charge” to the customer.
Scopley you fkn suck balls.

RNG kills your game.

These are kites not flags

Flags are for maxing the player. Kites are to unlock the player sure hope you are are paying attention to that detail


But I need blue kites just my luck lol

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Only one here😔

Don’t you mean the elite item token roadmap. Have done these twice now and not one kite.

I got one 9 more to go

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