Red kites please!

For the ones who do and want to spend could we get some red kite offers and not no s10 throw your phone nightmare type roadmap, take it to the team please. Could someone also tag them, it won’t let me for some reason


Been wondering about this also. @GR.Scopely @ForumAdmin @JB.Scopely. any info in regards to red kites

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Thanks bud! :+1:

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Yes! This, 100% this! Please make sure that museum collections can be worked towards at all times…starting with Red Kites! Please. @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


yes bring back 5500 crates with one kite

Axel gonna get 1 shotted by priya’s… waste of money if you’re gonna spend for axel lol

Asked for kites, not crates.

Was how you got kites

That’s your fault for using Axel on defense.

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They just had the choice of red or blue kites in the missions section. All you had to do was make a ton of premier pulls. What’s the problem?

They were fl@gs, not kites. And I did get some

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There was 2 missions that both paid out 5 kites each of either color. They were expensive.

Oh, I must’ve missed that one then

when did they have a mission that gave out kites? missed that. just saw flags

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100% they were flags not kites

Player base: We need RED kites
Scopely: Here you go, BLUE kites for everyone.


Then put elite tokens in with it like a bunch of douche canoes

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I think it’s pretty funny for how absurd it is.
Scopely is the biggest pack of trolls I’ve ever seen.

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They are hanging out with hordes and onslaught

100% huh? They’re back and still expensive.