Red Kites for the forgotten class (Axel)

Where are they? i dunno??? have you seen them? were they ever there? who knows? do you know>?

What happens when you add too much to the game.e to make money and its too tedious to do.


it is … the more saddest part of it all, is we or at least myself is chasing an expensive toon that is already dead in the water by todays standards now anyways

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I mean axel still has use u can decap a negan or any toon when u execute then but yea never see him.

Becouse he is no good

He’s better than Romanov :joy:

romanov is better than romanov

Axel with the right mods would be a monster

this is a very thought out well worded post!

i have tried all… never a monster

Once I get him, if I do I’ll turn him into one

please show me then

It’ll be awhile, I only have Wayland atm

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