Red kites again and again

Come on Scopely,
When are you going to let us finish this collection and get that outdated toon which I think can help me a lot


Kites roadmaps is under advisment with the team

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@Ivareen1 Indeed as @Tsarraz is stating I am expecting to hear back from the LA guys with a plan on how to get more Kites and Flags.



What happened tobour planned road maps

I just hope that this will happen soon. This dual specialist is the one that missing from my team right now

And the green kites im need 2 for michone double

The team is still looking at options to provide those Kites and Flags but it most likely though Roadmaps, Bags and Offers and up at limited times. With all other events going on simultaneously, it is difficult to propose a regular cadence for these particular roadmaps.

Red one specifically will be up at limited times along with the other colors.


Choice box with all the flags and kites, one roadmap akin to the sclass map we currently have . Problem solved, keep it simple.

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You guys need to add green kites.

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