Red keys please

Give me some damn offers or something. Got plenty of batteries but they do me no Good! I know I’m not going to get damn near 5k in tires by raiding


Just give it a couple of hours, then some will pop up.

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Red key will jus give u 1k tyers rm for tomorrow and after tomorrow only sure with 2.2 u do it from event key

Raid milestone will have a red key in few hours

giphy%20(50) me when everyone around asking for keys and tires in offers xD i will take that Beta though :slight_smile:

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Im sure they aren’t ganna do anything to make it easier so only thinking on what u have to do it
Almost every player not happy with this event and chat update but they don’t care

I have 7 and I don’t need these keys :frowning:

Make it happennnn

3 offers in the shop right now with batteries and no keys. All they gotta do is put em up there and people will buy them.

A key!!!

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Ask and ye shall receive.

@JB.Scopely - you might want to warm yourselves up for the backlash when paying customers realise you are selling six keys with only four maps left…


6 maps - today, tomorrow and Thursday.

Maps end 8am UTC on 14th according to in game messages, that’s only two for today and two for tomorrow

Edit. See the message below:

Hmmm, JB seems to be certain there will be new maps on the 14th. I wouldn’t take it for granted though.

I’m not so sure about certain lol.

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fair enough :slight_smile:

Side note… I just claimed her after finishing the road rage today. So if Jb is correct and there’s still two days of maps, all the whining about it not being f2p was a waste. I only spent 300 coins for two extra keys to complete the first Sunday roadmap.

It’s usually the case.

are tomorrows events gonna have keys as milestones? @JB.Scopely. if they are i can do both maps today and tomorrow. without knowing its road rage only.

I asked this last week to no response. I just don’t think JB has that kind of information to hand. He has to beg the team in LA to tell him so he can relay it.

My advice is that you shouldn’t count on it. Although keep an eye on VK - they’ll probably do their usual of “providing information about Scopely that Scopely themselves don’t appear to know”