Red jesus. The one with 2 pistols


Is he any good. so far, i feel like hes trash. what do i with this?? wasted my anniversary pull?


He’s a heavy hitter attack toon. Put him on an attack team with that spencer and he will work wonders. Built in impair gun is really nice bonus.


No not a waste. Definitely better than some of the other toons in there.


my current attack team is, spencer, dwight, ty, gov and erika… who would i replace?


Erika!!! But actually tho u can replace her if u want as much firepower as possible, but ur team is probably good as is.


so dont put jesus in for anyone else?


Yeah. Jesus doesn’t make the cut


damn waste of a toon!


He trash Bro


knew it. im so angry! i wasted money to get that pull! please scopley just give me magna please


Lol word bro


One word for red jesus. TRASH.

I have him and he just sits in my roster.

things that make him appealing:
1.Heavy Damage
2. Impair pistol.
3. hp on ar use.

things that make him sub par:

  1. Active is complete trash. 8 turns to max ar 1 time. (yellow shiva does it in 5 turns)
  2. a bit of a squeshy character with less then 1200 def unless you put def mods on him.
  3. life steal nuff said.


:laughing: :laughing: yep… i got happy for a split sec… damn god… why!?


I wouldn’t say he is trash at all you can at least count on him to kill what he hits. He isn’t someone that will replace any already good set up attack team like you just mentioned. He is pretty selfish in his abilities but can at least kill.

Just hold him till maybe you get that 6 star FA tara or maybe someone comes later to boost his attack and AP gain then he can go perfect. Till then he is likely going to sit on the sidelines.


yup, im not gonna bother to ascend him till he gets buffed or something


I dont think he needs a buff tbh he just doesn’t have alot going for him. No weapon specials that support him as a attacking toon. No readily available ap when attacking leaderskills to make him more of a asset. And all he really can do is kill ONE target with his AR but that’s it but give himself a bunch of heal. He is a balanced toon imo thou.


He is not that bad…you can use him against green heavy teams


my red team consists of madison lead, jeremiah, hershel, erika, and decap sandy.

who would jesus replace?

will he replace my team defense buff and enemy team 70% def debuff or my hershel’s enemy’s 50% atk debuff and my team’s 50% atk buff - nope.

maybe he can replace my revive/healer - nope.

or maybe he can replace my decap toon - nope.

red jesus for my roster?

TRASH! he was trash when I got him before the lucky event.

those who got him now and dont have those toons i listed. maybe he could be good but the lack of def is really unappealing as is. plus life steal. come on if it was life steal 2 that gave him 40% hp back on kill, then I will take the #TRASH off him.

Till then.

He trash.


I just got him as a 6-Star.

He is a good toon, but I’m pissed off because I spent 7 ullysses on him… :rage:


lolool. first of all lucky you got him as a 6* second unlucky you got him lmao