Red Governors 6*


@kalishane @Dash

I see there is a new 5* governor for the next promo and I understand that this is “A New Threat” event.

However in announcements about ascendence you previous stated the older 5* Governor “the calm before” would be made ascendable over the next few months. Is this still true? Will there be two 6* versions of the Governor? Is he that much of a legend? Is it worth holding on to my old red governor that I recently purchased from the supply depot because you stated he would be ascended? I’ve even been trying to max him out in the recent level up tournaments :pensive:


The one from supply depot will become a neutralize 6* in the future.




Worth bro :wink:


this is the new gov that will release today as a promo. this is the old gov that is in the depo.


He’s not too bad I guess then, the new threat one is better though :sob:

But why have two 6*s of the same character!?


Ask this instead: why have two 5*s of the same character?

Anyway, all 5*s are gonna be ascendable at some point in the distant future.


Both of these governors seem decent.

Neutralize is back in fashion now that raids last longer than 1.4 turns.


I saw a leaked pic of the Calm Before Governor (which I have) and was so excited. Then Scopely came out with their list of planned ascendable toons, in which he was included. Yet I have this sinking suspicion six months from he still won’t be ascendable.


It’s really unfortunate that they post a list of 5* toon that are ascendable like the supply depto gov and weeks go buy now and not a single on on there has became ascendable but yet scopley is all about putting their Premier pay to play toons up first way to make it a more user friendly free play game scopely…smh I love that the promises from the gm has as much value as ur customer service :expressionless:


they moved him into the P12 slot in the depot…


i never saw him there before…for me it’s almost always Sophia or Larry…


Thanks for resurrecting the thread. I really want this governor. I hope they release him soon.


me also…that why I got exited when I saw him in P12 slot…thought it means that 6* version will be out soon…


Unfortunately not. I was saving for an Andrea, but just after the anouncement, Gov came up. Grabbed him quick, because I thought he would be ready in a couple weeks.

I was wrong. :frowning:


He’s in mine SD at the mo, wish i had a few more credits, hoping comes on super sale in next 36 hrs…

But he probably wont! :thinking: