Red Governor 6*?


Please tell me that this Governor gets his ascendance this week!? The wait has been long enough

@kalishane have you seen anything? :eyes:


Would be amazing.

Would change my plans on who to ascend next.


Waiting on him also, I’ve even put of ascending wyatt


Same. I’m very eager to have him on my team.


Perfect for attack teams.
Need a Range Neutralise.


He will release same week as dante. Ap dmg lead, and his counter neutralize.

This month.


this week after garret :smiley: <3 i see the future


What’s tonight’s lottery numbers?




This is amazing.

Also, I don’t have a date – but I have made sure to express to the team you’re excited to see him!


Thank you for the like. We really need a f2p red to help Mira from being ganged up on by all the blues and since we know he exists it would be awesome to have him in the game. Waiting semi-patiently since he was leaked a while back. Hope to see him in the game soon.

Edit : Made another one.


Thank you :blush: hopefully it’s not too long!


If Kal comes before Euguene and Gov do, like Gator did, that would not be cool. I mean I have Kal and I can’t wait for him but those two deserve to be here first.


He’s really squishy, might want to give him a stat bump on the HP/DEF


Absolutely couldn’t agree more… Especially with all the heavy hitting blues in the game.


That image was leaked pre-stat buff, his final stats should be higher.


Thank you! Everyone’s been complaining about this for months (especially me cause I dropped 50k on him hahaha)


Wait how do you know? Or is that just a prediction?


Just best guess, we know aris Dante Rick and Bruce all the next 4 weeks so if governor is meant to be f2ps counter would make sense for him to release around same time.


May be he could be featured in the next nugget event?