Red govenor not neutralizing


My red 6* govenor is not neutralizing always. I have msg support with no assistance as of yet. Asking every1 and any1 who has him and not working 100% to ask support for a fix or it’s grounds for refund as their product is not working as advertised.


Is it possible you don’t know how Neutralize works?


Neutralize works fine for me


Sounds like someone needs to read up on how it works. If they are under 90 and you hit them and charge their ar, they will rush. If you pay attention neut will even blink when they are in that zone.


I have noticed that if a toon is protected by a guardian shield that it will also block neutralize but I believe that’s a known issue and is being fixed.


I believe if memory serves me correctly that anything that is accompanied by damage such as neutralize which is basically making damage while impairing is always going to be blocked by the guardian shields.


Oh no shit. Wasn’t aware of that.


I have the same problem here, but I think it’s a visual problem that’s all,
I attack characters with 100% AP and I don’t see the neutralize effect (but yet that character doesn’t rush in the next turn)
So I am ok.


I also noticed that bugs. At least 2 times while I was supposed to neutralize the Erika, in 2 different raiding.


Not saying this is the reason, but also keep in mind that a ‘neutralised’ toon is identical to a toon that is impaired.

Both Erika and Zeke for example can both use their actives to cleanse a toon that has been neutralised by Gov. You may have inadvertently missed the action.