Red Flags just why

I just don’t get thisPNG

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“Yea defeat them with tough characters, oh, whats that? You cant use tough toons on this roadmap? Oh, umm… Uhhh, keep surviving” -scopely


Why do you complain on that? the roadmap is very easy, even without a faction support you can beat it xd

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but it’s more to do with mid level peeps they don’t really have a chance, and also the real point is it says Defeat them with tough characters and you cant🤷🏼‍♂️


It highlights a typical bit of lazy/poor game deployment

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Wait, people actually click those things? Even when I first started playing I never hit those buttons. Just used what was allowed

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Got stuck at the last nightmare stage cause of that hormonal Clem, she survived and I’ve no melee healers, only played once tho
Rest of the stages were a breeze

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Just bring charlie and heal impair if you dont have any others.

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