Red Eugene.. worth it?


Ok so I recently got red Madison and red Eugene and I was super excited bc tanky green teams were the hardest for me to beat. Now a buddy of mine swears by red Eugene. He says his recover stun and confuse plus execution works great against Carl teams. Before I dump the liliths into Eugene I’d like a little feedback. Is he gonna be more effective than say mirabelle? Thanks


Its an 85 ap rush. And the damage is minor. Execute is nice, but other than that he’s trash.


So r u asking who to level up Eugene or Madison? If so Madison all day she’s a amazing lead toon


No I already did Madison, but I was just wondering about Eugene. I might just leveled his ar bc I have a surplus of liliths.


I mean I don’t have Eugene so I can’t really say much about him but I know execution is amazing and if u have lots of lilliths go for it.


I mean clearly he isn’t the best but if he’s kind of your only option then go for it if you have a bunch of lilliths… He’ll be fine under Madison …


I run madison lead on an anti melee squad, mix of red and green toons and its awesome. (Still leveling up bruce but hes an awesome asset…no not f2p


I’ve been wanting Bruce forever… I have michonne, but Bruce would help so much dealing with those damn Lydia defenses


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