Red epic effect pain spread

Says it copies a negative debuff to an adjacent enemy.

Does this work with bleed,cross hairs, and hemorrhage?

If it does copy bleed, and bleed is stacked, does it copy the stacked amount or one of the individual bleed effects?

With hemorrhage does it copy the current hemorrhage amount or the initial hemorrhage amount?

Everything other than infection.

Bleed it copies the stacked amount. If it’s on a lacerator or a toon that has a bleed mod it will spread the current bleed before Lacerating it, adding mods and weapon bleed

It works on crosshairs too. Hemo I will check one thing because there are cases where hemo can stack and some where it can’t. Not sure about this specific instance. One sec

Very unique situation with hemo bleed being spread - that I think is incorrect tbh.


Follow up to this, if bleed on toon A is pain spread to toon B and toon B already has bleed, does it stack on toon B bleed?

Yes bleed will stack with painspread it’s one of the most effective ways to make a bleed team

Furthermore you can lacerate the toon that has the painspread bleed and even pain spread that.

Painspread you can keep doing on the same toon with bleed for example, painspread (lacerate target) - lacerate and painspread the toon that had the initial bleed spread etc

An epic effect indeed. This is amazing

Except that in order to work your way, you need to ensure not to mix multiple statuses, since RNG picks just one of them. Also, don’t hit multi-round suffering toons with pain spread if there are adjacent toons suffering from the same affliction. The spread effect will replace the current one and will set its timer to just 1 turn.
Bleed and Clem’s initial Def down are the only effects excluded from this rule, as these are the only negative effects that stack at this point of game.

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That’s an interesting caveat to that rule, it does narrow down the scope of usefulness. Especially in this age of s class where pretty much all effects hit multiple toons for multiple turns

Not the only ones, close to it though

Yes, forgot trauma. Initially thought that spreading it would make little sense, but considering Willie (assuming center toon already dead) you’re better off to spread trauma than the stun/heal resist the victim already has.

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