Red Carl only for new and current pass holders?

I’ve had the 30 day pass ever since it came out, here recently I have not renewed it, so do I not get Red Carl now?

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If you were on the pass or renewed it within 45 days you should get him.

WTF people not renewing the daily pass we give them with our awesome super secret RNG, let’s make them examples to others thinking of not paying. -Scopely meeting

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For people that have not renewed in the last 45 days but have purchased in the past:

  • will this prevent them from acquiring the red Carl?
  • will Carl be the first end of the subscription bonus when these players update their game?

So the people that have stopped buying it after a year miss out :frowning:

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I used to but it religiously. Not cool :frowning: stopped buying it months ago

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Renewed 30 day pass and did a single, definetly worth the 10 dollars!


Nice pull! With my luck I’d have a Baba Yaga fly out of the door and steal one of my 6*


This is my thoughts exactly, scopely is losing money. So they give people who are still paying a (very rare) 5* that can complete collections for many to try to promote people who have gone completely free to play to start buying back in. Another completely obvious money grab, what a shocker…


And I got the Carl, and it completed a collection for the record. Because I’m stupid enough to keep handing this company money. But as soon as I said something, it immediatly disappointed 3 people in my faction who always had the 30 day pass until recently and felt cheated out of being a paying customer for long, just not at the right time apparently.

Thanks for the feedback ScreamQueen. It’s been noted and I let them know.

I got two Calrs. Is it because i purchased the 30 days pass twice within the 45 days? Also, Is Carl the only one that is gonna be given out?

you all always find ways to screw other players. not that you can please them all but you sure aim to displease. i really dont understand your company smh


I still haven’t got mine, my wife did a couple hours ago. Hope mine didn’t get lost. :open_mouth:

What’s a Red Carl?

Thank you!


I renewed my pass and didnt get carl in my inbox, its been like 2-3 hours

That’s how I got full upgraded alpha same thing happened

@kalishane I let my 30 day lapse a month after having it since it came out before renewing today. Will I still be getting he Carl?

This guy: