Red Cake Rewards from WAR, yet museum collections END same time as war ... WHY?

So we are going to war to get these red cakes yet as soon as war ends the museum collection we would need to use them on ends the same time … ??? what???

i just dont have the words for this right now


Its a test, a test to see people try really hard and spend, also have to be rank 1 and hit milestones and have the toon to exchange. Its a really small window to get anything and people will still war all weekend and even spend and scopely knows this. Keep surviving everyone.


@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

i know you guys wont be working today BUT whats the point of red cakes as rewards but the collection to redeem them ending the PRECISE moment war finishes … makes the whole thing redundant

eat you cake and enjoy.
But will be new cake collections

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yes but i need only 100 cakes to use on the xander museum but this expires before i can get those rewards … thus a new collection will probably show that i can’t use them on now. bit selfish i know but the option to use it here or keep for the next one would have been nicer


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So much for being buckets :smirk::smirk::smirk:

yes but the next collection could be a toon that i dont have … thus i wont be able to finish this one or the next one

its just badly set up

Not everyone has sherry or Mia or mercer. Also it’s going to take weeks or months for some customers to get enough cakes and to be lucky enough for that to coincide with Scopely to provide a toon in that museum that customers have. Not all those toons have been available if at all via F2p or customers grinding.

There are some customers out there that probably got just 1 pull if at all from the previous war tokens, and probably ended up with Vincent.


Hey, someone spent between $1 and $50,” that’s a bucket.

Nope, most don’t. And of you think they do, please advise how every tier of customer was able to get those toons so that’s f2p, casual and regular spenders, and whales. Then add the chances of them getting the toons taking into account resources that may be needed if any of the toons quoted where ever available as part of a collection.

I Rest my bucket.


I mean they are putting´up new red cakes collection every week so far. Just prepare for it to be a Premier toon :wink:

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As I said, ive rest my bucket. Proven my points those who read will be left to decide what is right.

Conviently all of flags messages have dissapeared so obviously an employee of Scopely cos no one else can just like that erase with no trance in seconds, their account


No, just Falafel. Every once in a while he comes on to try to get my attention, again. He loves me :heart:

But dammit, now I can’t say I haven’t deleted any posts all week.

This thread will get cleaned up some because it doesn’t make much sense now. Please don’t take it personally.


Thanks for confirming, not taking it personally at all, just seemed strange. Didn’t mind engaging them as this is what this forum is for and im sure if they became a nuisance the community would have flagged him.

I didn’t realise tho that a customer could delete other customers posts and account if I’m correct cos their account no longer exists. Good to know

Perhaps Scopely are taking the saying “can’t have your cake and eat it to”, quite literally??

Such a joke.

yep my point is basically why set a war event with red cakes as final rank reward (as well as milestone) to find out half way through, both the event and museum collection(s) end same time, thus negating the point of war in the first place.

i would just like to finish the one museum collection i have the toon for … its not really much of a debate

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I bet that next week rewards will be some new cake


Hey @LadyGeek after much digging I found info cos I think alot of us are in the dark about what trust levels etc actually are and what the function of the roles/levels are.

I’m going to make a post about it so everyone can get a better understanding of how it works, it took a good minute and I think as feedback it probably needs to be expanded and also sent to the Community so they understand ok if I see this person has that level it means they can do xyz and r abc.

Also why aren’t there more leaders?

Anyways apologise is there has been any miss understandings, but if we aren’t given this info then we aren’t really gonna know

Forgive me @Clemo81 for bogarting ur post!