Red Beta (Thoughts?)

Or as Just A Box says, “Beeta” Is he any good?


he is really good in the right set up on defemce his taunt controll and quick rush will cause alot of problems

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Great toon. Congrats.

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I have ran across him a couple times he can be very annoying in the right set up, great pull.

Just a box needs to quit again for like the 50th time


He is probably the best toon in that wheel.


Yes sir he is awesome or maybe I just love his AR.I can see this making your team near invincible.

i got him today also, im defo gonna try for Stun on his weapon, its much better than confuse

Not if half the toons resist it constantly


Maybe because that’s the English pronunciation.

Meh it would depend on the situation. Like who gets confused and if they hit someone on their team for how much damage.


Congratz! Nice toon!

Not what i was expecting but not what i was gokng for, Beta looks decent though

My thoughts?


I don’t like confuse as it has screwed me too many times by hitting teammate and charging their ar.

Trash hes dev why ppl are not noticed hes like dev 6* whats deffranit between both .dam noobs

He is awesome…you lucky dog

In a meta full of stun and impair resist, taunt is amazing

I swear they have built in the code that if you confuse an opponent and one of their teammates is close to full AP the confuse toon will attack that toon allowing them to rush. Happens so often it seems. I’m sure it doesn’t happen as often as I think but it’s just one of those things that as soon as it happens you wanna quit.

As someone with a british accent I never say “Beeta”