Red Beta has a four turn taunt?

Really four turn taunt on the road to survival #3 (red) Beta active skill? No one thinks this is absurd? Three turns is cumbersome but four is flagrant! The game is getting ridiculous with these abilities.

Well some toons have debuffs…

If only there was a way to block it or work around it


Focus, confuse resist mod, confuse recovery active or rush

Why can’t we have some way of resisting the taunt… perhaps like a thing you assign to a character so they resist taunt… it an be called untauntable…



My comment was sarcastic as there are several ways around taunt. But I don’t think confuse resist mods or a confuse recovery as or ar will help when taunted.

Whoops sorry, was just reading on beta confuse - sorry concussed currently but tbh never can tell when people are serious or not anymore. Carry on

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No worries. Good sarcasm is meant to catch people slipping.

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You missing the point it is getting absurd that you can keep any toon taunted, stunned, or confused for that many turns. So when they come out with a toon that confuses for six turns you gone say have confuse resist?

But in all honesty yes 4 turns is a bit much


thanks bro you right thought adapt and overcome or just say fuck it and quit when I’ve had enough

Four turns is a lot but almost every team should have a focus toon by now… which would negate the taunt. And if your focus toon is the one that gets taunted, then we’ll rng lol.

Not like many people are gonna have him, since he was pretty much in a premier wheel. Though I happen to be one of the lucky non-spenders who got him (league coins, 3 pulls).

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