Red alert Christa bug

Not sure why but the 6 start alert Christa is immune to confuse?? I’ve lost many battles because of that BS. Can you look into this issue?

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She has her turn 2 focus just so you know

Just to make it even more clear, taunt, confuse, and human shield are ignored while they have focus.


It’s not s class Christia that’s broken
Guo is broken doe
For some reason guos initial heal reduction can be stacked upon
Example if you pop Christia before t3 on a guo team
You’ll get 2 ppl with a 150% heal reduction (note standard guo here not s class but I think same thing may happen with him)
Probably some of Raulitos logic leaked onto him tbh
Because Raulito uses bleed which is meant to stack
But heal reduction isn’t meant to
Good news is 150% heal reduction won’t result in a negitive heal it just acts the same as a 100%
So no impact gameplay wise

Can you get this on video for me?



Focus. And she implements it pretty quickly. So this is actually Christa working just the way she should work.

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At this point of game people don’t even know how some skills work :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:
Do you even tried to know how focus work and how he help the toons??

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Focus blocks confuse…I think impair and taunt too. If she’s not getting confused while focusing then she’s working right. I can’t speak for anyone else but I have 2 toons with focus and confuse/ and taunt resist mods. I even run impair resist. So that could also explain why she’s not being confused. A lot adds into it. You can’t claim somethings bugged without figuring stuff like that in.

Not impair, but yes taunt and confuse. I dont know why there are so many threads where people don’t know how the game works

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Well she could be modded up too. Mine is. And yeah that’s right. I’m far from knowing it all with less then 2 year in. I’m still learning. But I know many things contribute to the factoring of whether a toons bugged. She works fine to me. I haven’t had a issue with her. Using or fighting her.

So how focus works which is Christa’s active skill: focus allows a toon to ignore the effects of confuse and taunt. It also allows the toon who is focused to attack around a human shield. To stop christa who has focus - stun, or impair to prevent her from rushing.

Or daze her
If you have priya
That is

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