Recuperación de cuenta 2

esa es mi cuenta ya hace un mes está inactiva,no hay forma de recuperarla sin código ni recibo,aunque si información detallada dentro de la cuenta y lo que contiene nada pueden hacer,es una pena espero puedan poner nuevas políticas para ayudarnos (:

Like it was said in the last thread, you need an account code and purchase receipt or else they can’t help you.

yah speak spanish @High_Power?

I can understand and speak it a little. But I have a thicc Arab accent when I try to speak it.

The funny thing is I’m not Arabian.


I can speak it well but my accent is pretty thick. When i say words i do the direct translation instead of what is commonly said. When i went to mexico lots of people figured me out pretty quickly that im not from around there. Can read a little spanish but not write it if my life depended on it.

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Haha, I’m the exact same way.

I can get around mexico by reading sings witch is good and all but when it comes to writing i leave it to my family. To this day my parents grill me for not knowing how to write another language. Me being able to speak it makes it easier to read it even tho i dont out right practice it.

Funny enough, I can understand Russian a little better than Spanish, despite having little Russian influence in my life.

you speak russian too? I thought you were memeing out when you would write it on random russian posts.

Yes, I don’t usually tell people I know those languages because it might come off as trying to sound smarter than others.

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Thats pretty cool High. Yah speak 3 languages mean while people spend their lives only knowing one. Quite an accomplishment dude.

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Thanks, it’s good to learn as much as you can.

another upside to knowing russian is you can say something like in mother russia you dont (insert something people do) in mother russia (Insert that something doing something to you instead of you doing it) and you have the high ground in confirming this.

Tips K6-3 visor

мой товарищ

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i had to goolge to see what it was and it was a lord tachanka helmet. I salute you for that.

here we have 2 men looking at eachother eager to defend the motherland

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I found out that Russian Surplus helmets are not that expensive. Around 300-700 for a real K6-3. It might be a little roughed up, but not bad for a helmet that can stop a 7.62

American brain buckets in vietnam didnt bring peace of mind since the vietcom all had rifles. The helmet can only stop small caliber rounds.

this one here is pretty famous but does not have much noggin protection. looks cool tho

Well it would have protected against the only guy using a 9mm. Maybe Douglas was a vet from that time, he sure looks like it.

maybe hes insane. some lost there minds in the war and scribbled all over their helmets. saying stuff like hear all evil see all evil kill all evil

Yeah, I’ve spoken with people who were there. The ones who do choose to speak about it, their stories sound wild. Really makes you wonder what those who don’t speak on it have seen.