Recruits & Rewards not updating in daily missions

Player Name: Khuziyad
Faction: Dead on Arrival
Region: Wilkinson
Device: Samsung SM T210R Tablet
OS Version: Android 4.4.2
Platform: ?

What were you doing immediately before encountering the bug? Simply checking daily missions as always.

Does the bug occur every time? YES!

If it occurs every time, what are the steps you take to make the bug occur? I check daily missions and then attempt to open Recruits & Rewards 3 times as instructed… When I do that I do not clear the daily mission. When that mission first started showing in the missions list a few weeks ago, all I had to do was open the Recruits & Rewards area 3 times and it would clear the daily mission for me. Now, even if I spend tokens in the Recruits & Rewards area 3 times, my daily mission counter for this mission does not update! This makes no sense and is totally not fair for people that actually spend money with you guys on this game. Please fix this.


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