Recruitment for Biohazard


Number 1 in the region, finished 3rd last Crw. Diamond rank 4. Looking for new recruits, if interested add me on line: blackbearfool


What region?


Miller region, thinking on moving when Faction Transfers become a thing


Biohazard are a great group of folks. I’m not with them, but in their region. They’ve always been good to us lower folks and help out the region.

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Bump, recruiting and we’ve placed first the last two crw. Add me on line if interested; blackbearfool


Arrogant faction pfft

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No they’re not arrogant, they are really good folks. Wish them all the best with recruiting!

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We aren’t arrogant. We are helping the whole region with d deffs in raids or aow to hit milestones for everybody.

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Your name does not show up on line. Mine is pnwmusicman pm me if you want a solid player


Recruiting, finished 17th in WoC. Looking for a small group or some individuals. Line id: blackbearfool