Recruiting US/EU players in 1-B region

Recruiting USA/EU players in 1-B region
Region: Darlington
Faction: 38°
We are a Chinese-based, f2p and p2p mixed faction.
Most of us come from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and we also have some US/EU players.
Last 6v6 CRW, we won 3rd place (1B 6v6)
We stop during our midnight, so we want to recruit more US/EU players to help the night shift in war.

1.Active players, who can hit all milestones in faction tournament easily
2.US players who usually join war in afternoon, EU players who usually join war in evening.

We welcome f2p players to join us.
We have team help line chat group.
You can get team suggestion here and our p2p players will bulid a def team that you can practice how to defeat a new toon.
Many f2p players can get 200-300k in war

If you’re interested, feel free to text me anytime
my line ID: shirley040175