Recruiting top active players for Walkers faction

If interested for yourself, or Few friends who can raid fast and are dedicated , then message me on LINE, ID is neothedead.

Too many requirements js.


Where do I signup with you? SemiPro or Caaarl?

lol thanks, made it using an app on the phone! :wink::laughing:

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Bumping, looking for 1 top player. Message on Line if interested, ID: neothedead

Hit me up if you or a small group of hard working players are tired of carrying the load and want to play with like minded gamers who will put in the same effort as you! :grin:

Line Id: neothedead

Very chilled and cool environment. Recommend for sure.

Bump. Still looking for the right player (s) for spot that’s open. Shoot me a message on Line. Thanks.


Can i join?

Finished 2nd this past CRW, looking for 1 or 2 hitters to replace retiring folks. Message me for details on Line id: neothedead


Just fight again you in war. Really good player and hard team. Was surprise by your level. Good luck mate

We are recruiting! Please message if interested via Line id: neothedead


Good luck Walkers! :raised_hands::raised_hands:

So other people will carry the load?

Your wrong grasshopper. This faction is very tight group with some wonderful players. No one is carrying no one in the Walkers. Should give s try or at least join their chat.

^ what Nicko said. We all perform and do our best in all the faction tournaments and war. We are veteran adult gamers who love to compete and want the same effort out of all our members and recruits.

Bump , looking for 1 for CRW , message me on Line id: neothedead


Latest crw results.

Message me if you are able raid fast and want to compete with similar dedicated individuals.

Line id: neothedead