Recruiting players

Hey you! Yeah, you! Are you looking for a new home? We are looking for 5 to 7 players to fill out our faction in Blount after a few retirements. Scopely says our region is powerful, we made the wave 1 list! Our region made it to the semi finals of the last ToC. We are mostly casual spenders, a majority of North Americans and Europeans, with a few Asia time zones sprinkled in. Our faction battles for finishes in the top 5 in faction events, only minimum is 50k in war, but RL first of course. If interested, slide into my DM’s. Thanks!

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I’m interested

I’m a diamond in the rough…refine me?

2k raid wins, 740 losses 10k rep S5 team grade

Still looking for 1 or 2 more, if interested let me know!

Whats the faction called? I had a few friends move to blount before the last region lock