Recruiting motivated players


We are Illuminightmare - newly transferred to Colbert region and am looking for a couple of motivated players to join our family. We are not necessarily looking for whales, but rather individuals who have a knowledge for the game, teams, strategy, and are capable of hitting milestones. Best traits will be those who have a desire to compete against the best in the game.

Please send inquiries.

Thanks and keep on surviving.



Do you guys think you can beat Abusement Park


I give you 2/10 for faction name. It didnt work out to well with this one.


That is our intention.


I had no input lol.


One top faction going to a region to face another top faction without knowing if they can win but willing to fight it out, respect. Now that’s competition, best of luck. That name tho lol


Once you beat them do feel free to stop by troup for a hell of a good time.


I have no feelings toward this. Especially after the below was said. Could have stayed in Wilkinson and faced a top faction without having to waste two keys.


Stayed and learned from best on game to our knowledge…and know they would dominate everyone fighting for 2nd which was yours.

Doesn’t seem that this process was thought about at all.


Key word is ONE top factions. 3 is too much for any faction


That implies they were going to be ganged up on which is false.
Also, CRW is 8 top factions going head to head so what’s the reason there?


Troup is screwed. You guys are gonna have to leave there rather than sell a dream that doesn’t exist.


My effort is mainly spent to promote competitive regions and their benefit to the developer. Everyone wins. Those you are afraid of move to these. Those you want to farm, stay with you.

Worry not. These are only in hopes of finding a true competitor.


Fair enough. Hopefully you can find a solution.

A true competitor is gonna want a bit more variety of factions to war against than what Troup can offer. Hopefully you’ll get some good match ups in CRW.


A true competitor will always have others flee them. Or be forced to carry a faction to victory. Sad state of affairs. Neither fun after playing for 3 years


I do actually know how that is. It’s no fun when people give up against you rather than put up a fight. Big reason I prefer not to be in the top team - been there done that to death.

We’re all finding our own ways to enjoy the game.

(I guess this is a good bump for the new boys in Colbert (thank me later guys ;))


Nightmare joined Morgan. Went undefeated first war. Legacy joined Morgan, beat Nightmare around ten times. Nightmare came in second. Left the region as soon as war was over.


I was just commenting my opinion. I’m not even with them, dont crucify me lol


Yall have 90 people to move around. If some players are gonna busy and cant war as much yall have the option to switch him/her out for another top player that will play more. That already is a huge disadvantage for another top faction that only has 30 players. Sister factions isnt anything new but dont say there isnt an advantage of having 3 top sister factions because there is otherwise no one would bother to have sister factions.

Also crw is irrelevant here. I have said before top factions font mind fighting top factions in crw. Same reason yall didnt want to move to truop in the first place. Yall didnt want to face them all the time, yall wanted to play agaisnt them crw. You made the reference of Something about football and not wanting to be on the same league or what not but face them in the superbowl. Something like that


To Bane and Wanderer and rest of Notorious. I was not in charge of the decision making. Its a live and learn process. We will grow and become stronger, and when we do, I hope we find ourselves in the same region again.