Recruiting for wrath faction


hi we are recruiting top players for WRATH (Lowndes Region). we are looking for US time zone players to fill some room. we already have heavy hitters for Asian time zone…
we are war based faction mostly hunting… we normally finish top 1 every CRW. if your interested leave me a message… godbless to all


im intwerested


Come back to Pickens.Boneyard needs a lesson


we might visit… haha why?


Why don’t you guys teach us the lesson? If they do come back it’ll just be another faction kicking you guys asses. So there’s that.


Yeah,I guess But Z was in it


?? I don’t even understand that reply so I’ll just let that go and let this get back on topic. Gl recruiting wrath!


Idk either just trying to include Z in the mix


Are you still searching for players ?


I thought Wrath was coming back a month ago? That’s what I was told when I was scouting Pickens. Still using that to keep people away??


Scouting eh?


No longer scouting. Happily home in my region now.


Wasn’t used to keep anyone away. It was correct intel at the time based on what they said on a global visit.


Hi I am looking to transfer out to a new home… very active, level 144, diamond 2 solo, s9+. My line id is


Wrath is disbanded. Please remove this thread since it’s no longer relevant